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We all share a common desire to connect with the outdoors, which is why we yearn to escape the city, returning to nature’s embrace. There, we savor the gentle breeze and the breathtaking sunset as we gather for dinners and heartfelt conversations.

The design of our Conservatory offers precisely this experience, offering an enchanting alternative to less aesthetically pleasing marquees and the high costs of traditional construction. The robust beams of the remarkable queen-post and the cast iron colonnade, crafted by the Hercz family, imbue the space with a unique ambiance, harmoniously complemented by the surrounding English garden.

When the weather is favorable, the Conservatory can be seamlessly integrated with the lush, floral English garden and the outdoor cocktail terrace, forming an idyllic setting for al fresco dinners within the expansive five-hectare park.

Spanning 200 square meters, the Conservatory is equipped with air conditioning, heating capabilities, state-of-the-art sound, and lighting technology. It can comfortably accommodate 120 to 150 people, depending on the weather conditions.

  • Seating capacity for up to 120-150 guests
  • Air-conditioned and heated for year-round comfort
  • Wheelchair accessible design
  • Conveniently located on the same level as the terrace and garden
  • Equipped with professional lighting and sound technology
  • Adjustable shading technology to suit your preferences
  • WiFi
  • Spacious area covering 200 square meters

Daalarna Garden

2000 Szentendre
Pomázi út


+36 30 306 4094