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Perhaps the most captivating aspect of this building complex is the fusion of rusted metal, uniquely colored wood, concrete, and soft textiles, all surrounding a crackling fireplace.


This central space serves as the impressive focal point for arrivals and gatherings. It offers majestic wooden beams, expansive glass walls, limestone coverings, and a beautiful fireplace.


We all share a common dream of connecting with the outdoors, which is why we yearn to escape the city. There, we savor the breathtaking sunset as we gather for dinners and heartfelt conversations.


The building, constructed from reclaimed materials yet equipped with modern technology, is adorned with natural stone, exuding an ambience that feels as if it has been part of the landscape for a century.


Our modern wine cellar offers an ideal space for wine tastings or dinners, where the climate remains consistently exceptional, even on hot summer evenings, maintaining a comfortable 14-16 °C.


This area is an ideal space for poolside relaxation, receptions, summer parties, al fresco dinners, or even cooking up a storm. It includes a spacious 6 x 21 meters solar-heated pool with ambient lighting.

An air-conditioned event venue with the option to open up to the garden

We have meticulously designed three interconnected, air-conditioned, year-round spaces, which can be separated as needed. Our goal was to create a venue suitable for both intimate private gatherings and larger events accommodating up to 100 to 150 attendees, ensuring that everyone feels right at home.

Our architectural design philosophy centered around delivering an extraordinary, five-star experience without compromise, achieved through cutting-edge technology. Our aim was to establish a timeless, harmoniously soothing atmosphere that imparts a distinctive ambiance and identity to the building.

In our material selection process, we prioritized the reuse of older materials and relied on the craftsmanship of local artisans. The stone works were masterfully crafted by Lajos Pap, while the wrought iron elements were the handiwork of Tivadar Lehoczky from Szentendre. The stone materials were sourced from the nearby quarries of Budakalász and Dunabogdány, and some of the roofing tiles were salvaged from a monastery in Vojvodina. The wood and iron components are sourced from a 19th-century tobacco drying warehouse, with spruce beams originating from Transylvania and wrought iron columns produced in 1985 at Jenő Hercz’s foundry in Miskolc.

This blend of materials seamlessly combines with modern concrete, glass, and weathered metal, providing a spatial experience that stands on its own without the need for additional decoration expenses. Simultaneously, the choice of materials and colors allows these spaces to be transformed and adorned according to specific requirements, aligning with the event’s identity and accommodating various moods and inspirations.

Each room within the indoor event venue is equipped with air conditioning and heating capabilities. The three primary buildings (Barn, Atrium, Stone House) collectively cover an area of 450 square meters, while the restrooms and dressing rooms located on the -1 level occupy an area of 150 square meters.

Daalarna Garden

2000 Szentendre
Pomázi út


+36 30 306 4094