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Where Every Element Tells a Story

Twenty years after the establishment of Daalarna, designer Anita Benes and her husband recognized the opportune moment to embark on another project toghether.

Daalarna Garden, situated in Szentendre, Hungary, is an exquisite wedding and event venue that offers a sustainable luxury experience. It is the perfect choice for those seeking safety, quality, and comfort in a location that is conveniently close to Budapest yet far enough away to provide an ideal atmosphere for complete relaxation.

“We wanted to create a venue that would serve as our countryside home, allowing us to continue the engaging conversations that often began over a glass of wine and a delectable meal, whether by the pool or in front of the fireplace, depending on the season.”

Built Environment

The five-hectare estate is nestled within the immediate vicinity of Szentendre’s renowned vineyard, Kő-hegy.

The estate exudes captivating natural beauty that once inspired Hungarian artists such as Sándor Petőfi and Jenő Barcsay.

Daalarna Garden unites the passion of its creators for nature and for landscape architecture. It has been envisioned to satisfy all senses and possible demands.

Sustainable Construction

A pivotal design objective was to maximize guest satisfaction while minimizing the environmental impact during both construction and operation. Thus, the principles of “greenology” and green architecture guided the selection of materials and technologies.

It was crucial to integrate “something old” alongside “something new” underscoring the growing significance of recycling and “greenology” in contemporary architecture.

For instance, the entire range of wood and cast iron materials was repurposed from a demolished historical monument. A significant portion of the paving stones originated from historic remnants not utilized in the reconstruction of the Hungarian National Museum’s garden, while the roof incorporates salvaged pots from a sacral building that was demolished in Vojvodina, Serbia.

Contributions from Lajos Pap, a skilled stone sculptor and carver, as well as Tivadar Lehoczky, a master blacksmith, adorned the buildings, which seamlessly blend wood, stone, and glass while showcasing wrought-iron elements.

Technological Advancements

Daalarna Garden stands as a contemporary venue, equipped with modern amenities.

Electricity is sourced from its own solar farm, while a Loxone system provides automated control over the buildings and garden. NILAN heat pumps are employed for cooling and heating purposes, and electric lawnmowers ensure precise lawn maintenance. All event areas are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems. The buildings and gardens feature professional sound, lighting, and security installations.

Landscape Architecture

The estate is situated in close proximity to the Danube-Ipoly National Park. The garden’s architectural concept aims to create an enchanting park that provides a spatial experience seamlessly blending into the surrounding natural landscape.

Landscape architecture serves as a visual bridge between the past and present, harmoniously combining the existing vegetation (almond, apple, acacia, and maple trees) with new additions such as lavender, plane trees, flower meadows, and tulips.

Preservation and support of local wildlife, including amphibians, small mammals, insects, and birds, take precedence. Numerous biodynamic solutions have been implemented, such as wetlands, water retention features, insect-rich wildflower meadows, nesting sites, survival shelters, and pet feeders. To ensure the tranquillity of wildlife, fireworks and the presence of four-legged pets are not permitted on the property.